A Decapitated Gaga?!?!

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Lady Gaga Marry The Night X Factor1 A Decapitated Gaga?!?!

Earlier, Gaga hinted to fans with a tweet that she was  “[so] excited to perform ‘Marry The Night’ on ‘X Factor’ U.K. tonight! Will sing my head off for England!!”

Last night, Lady Gaga kept her word and stepped onto the stage of X-Factor UK with the kind of entrance only Gaga can pull off — with beaucoup de half-naked men in pleather and a decapitated head. Yes, amidst her usual backdrop of religious iconography and fog, Gaga stunned the crowd with her bride-of-Frankenstein number and dismembered body. Towards the end of “Marry The Night” Gaga disrobed to reveal a lacy leotard and rocked the stage, with her head firmly attached to the rest of her.

In retrospect, I’m still trying to decide how I feel about her latest avant-garde stunt. Is it fresh and new or just borderline bizarre? Either way, I still love the diva extraordinaire. Check out her moves on UK’s X-Factor and tell us what you think!

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