April 21, 2024


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5 Reasons To Use An Automatic Liquid Filling Machine

Automation can deliver a variety of benefits for a packing company. Below, we will be going over and analysing various individual components of packing equipment and we will further explain some of these benefits.

What the automatic liquid filler does is move product directly from a holding tank to any other containers or the bottles waiting without needing to have an operator interact with it during each fill cycle. By using filling systems throughout the automation of this filling process, a company is able to improve the entire packing operation in various ways including but not limited to the following ways.

1. Much More Consistency

Using this type of filler can completely remove the uncertainty that you have with the traditional filling process. No matter if you are looking for a level fill or even an entirely accurate volumetric fill, the machine is capable of ensuring that every cycle is automated and filled in the same exact manner each and every time. Having greater consistency and reliability that cannot be matched with manual filling can be achieved with the right machine for the intended project.

2. Greater Speed

It can be impractical to hire manual labour to scale to a certain production level. This is what makes this probably the most obvious benefit. By getting and using an automatic packaging machine, you can increase speeds throughout the entire production process and scale it accordingly. Using power conveyors, multiple fill heads, and having the right filling principle in place will allow production to run much faster and constantly without stopping.

3. Greater Versatility

A lot of companies actually use multiple bottles for the same product. Some might even run different products. I a lot of cases, a single liquid filler is cable to be manufactured to be capable of handling different bottles and products packaged by an individual company. Some of the machines only require basic adjustments in order to change from one bottle or product to the next. Whereas, some others might require a little more effort and time to do so.

4. Ease Of Use

Just about every automatic filling machine will come fully equipped with a PLC along with a very easy to use interface. This interface utilizes a touchscreen that can allow the operator to effectively enter times and amounts needed to complete the different cycles. As soon as the numbers are entered a recipe screen can allow the same number to be retained. Eventually, it will come to the point where the operator only needs to enter the recipe number on the interface and potentially any manual adjustments and simply monitor the operation of the machine as it functions.

5. Scalability

As mentioned, an automatic packaging machine should be manufactured and used with the future scaling requirements in mind. The machine shouldn’t be manufactured only to meet current needs, but rather maximum capacity requirements. Here at LPS, we always build our machines and equipment expecting our customers to eventually need to scale. Therefore, you can expect additions to filling machines including extra fill heads which can help allow the machine’s capabilities to grow alongside the business.

While there are plenty of other benefits that you can get from automating the filling process on a project to project basis, a packager will be able to most benefit from the benefits listed above. For a lot more information on how automating this process can benefit your own business or individual project, you can contact us today.

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