July 14, 2024


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Email marketing strategies for business that work

How To Adapt Email Marketing To Your Business Strategy - Netmera

There is no doubting the power of a well-crafted message to influence your clients, let alone CRM and lead nurturing. Even though we are swamped with email marketing efforts nowadays, and yes, some of it still sounds like spam, the impact of a well-crafted message cannot be underestimated. Today, we are inundated with email marketing activities, and while some of them may still appear spammy, the vast majority of them are unpleasant. Previous research indicates that there will be 4.6 billion email subscribers worldwide by the year 2025.

Does email marketing provide any outcomes?

One of the best ways to market your brand and sell things is through email marketing, which is also one of the most affordable methods of doing so.

A 2015 DMA survey found that the average return on investment (ROI) for email marketing is $38 for each dollar invested. Customers usually check their inboxes for emails from their preferred stores before making a purchase.

But with everyone getting so much more email, it could be difficult to stand out in inboxes that are already crammed to the brim with correspondence. Consequently, MailChimp provides you with the tools you require to succeed (we also have a tonne of tried-and-true advice on creating incredible emails) and create successful email marketing campaigns. See our industry-specific email marketing statistics for additional details on the advantages of email marketing.

1. Develop a plan for email marketing

In order to facilitate the planning stage of the process, we have outlined a number of recommended practises that you should take into account while developing an email marketing strategy.

Establish who will be observing you.

You need to know your audience in order to interact with them effectively. Regardless of the good or service you are offering, this is accurate. With Mailchimp, you can go a little bit deeper into your audience to send them customised and targeted emails that boost engagement, foster reliable relationships, and yield a better return on investment.

Registrant sources

The way people join your list and the locations where they do so are two of the most important pieces of data that are gathered from your signup form. Knowing where your customers joined your list might help you determine how to interact with them and where to direct your future marketing efforts if you run an online store that integrates with MailChimp. To find out where your customers joined your list, navigate to the “Customers” section of your MailChimp store if you own an online store.

2. Set up your email correspondence.

Design Advisory

It’s crucial to emphasise the message while maintaining a simple style when developing email marketing campaigns. We suggest organising every element of your campaign in a hierarchical manner, placing the most crucial information or main point at the top of the message. If readers are strapped for time, this will enable them to swiftly read your email.

Write your own code to create your own templates.

Do you wish you had more creative control over how your emails look? You can import an HTML template you’ve created into Mailchimp. If you follow this, you can adjust it as you see fit.

3. Check your emails frequently

Test it with several internet service providers and email programmes.

The campaign you prepared in Mailchimp can seem slightly differently in your subscribers’ inboxes because every email client is built differently. This is because the creation of each email client varies. For a consistent look across platforms, check the emails on mobile devices as well, as responsive designs may cause them to appear differently.

Test your email with friends, family, and coworkers.

To give friends or colleagues a sneak peek at the campaign in their inbox, you can send them a test email. Forward a test email to any friends or colleagues who might be able to review it for errors and offer layout feedback.

A/B testing campaigns will help you decide which version is better.

Which subject line will get the most email opens and link clicks is a mystery to me. Are you aware of any particular times of day that your campaign is most likely to result in a purchase from your customers? One way to test multiple versions of your emails is to run an A/B test. This enables you to observe how your modifications impact your outcomes.

4. A few areas where marketing automation can be useful

An automation, as opposed to a traditional campaign, consists of a single or a sequence of targeted emails that may be set and forgotten. You may use automation to streamline your customer relationships by sending out follow-up emails after a purchase, creating a welcome email series, or rewarding your clients with unique incentives. You will thus have more time to devote to improving your return on investment (ROI) and content creation. Additionally, you have the ability to create, distribute, and monitor order alerts, which aids in informing customers about the things they have purchased from your business.

5. Assess how well you performed.

You will be able to make future adjustments to your marketing approach with the help of the marketing analytics data that is gathered in your MailChimp reports.

Clicks to open and interact

These are the numbers that demonstrate how well your campaign content and subject lines connect with a particular list. They serve as the most obvious gauges of campaign participation. You are examining your statistics in a vacuum if you do not compare your open and click through rates to those of other businesses in your sector. Comparing your open and click through rates to those of other businesses in your sector is crucial, though.

Information about online purchasing.

In campaign reports, subscriber profiles, and the account dashboard, you may view purchase data for your subscribers if you have integrated your store with Mailchimp and enabled e-commerce link tracking for your campaigns. Mailchimp will automatically track purchases made through links in your advertising if you activate this.


You should get these strategies in place after you have successfully gotten an email hosting for business for your organization from a trusted provider ideally. Also, if you have any doubts with respect to this article, please share in the comments section below. 

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