April 17, 2024


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How To Buy Bitcoin With ACH Instantly

If you are one of those people who own a US bank account, and you have the desire to purchase bitcoins then let us tell you that your life is easier now because you are capable of purchasing bitcoin via a direct Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfer. It might sound a little impossible, but it is not. Although, it is one of the simplest things to do, you just have to learn that how you can purchase the bitcoins with ACH transfer, it is a facility that you can avail in a less time and this article is a guide to it. We are going to try and answer all of your common answers in this piece of writing.

How You Can Purchase BTC With ACH Transfer

The step of buying the bitcoins is really simple, it is just like a normal transaction from your side. Firstly, all you need to do that, register yourself with the help of an account at your chosen BTC broker that will accept payments in the form of bitcoin via ACH. In most of the cases, you will be required to go through a verification process. It totally depends upon the broker you have chosen, and how long the overall verification process is. In general, the verification procedure includes the ID details and the individual’s address before you can further proceed towards purchasing the bitcoin. Once you are done with the process of verification, you can proceed towards checking the fees as the fee payment is usually low so you do not have to worry much. One can say that the fee you have to pay with ACH transfer is much smaller than other methods of purchasing. You can go to the purchasing pages of the selected broker and then you have to select a number of finds that you desire to trade via ACH to bitcoins. The time period is usually of one week, within that time span your BTC amount will be transferred in to your wallet because your bank transfer is processed and is completed.

Safety Of Purchasing Bitcoin With The Help Of ACH Transfer

Most people are concerned about whether it is safe or not to buy bitcoin with the help of ACH transfer. The answer we have to this most common query is that the safety or security is totally dependent upon what kind of bitcoin exchange broker you have chosen to carry out the trade with. All the security of your account and funds is relied upon that. This should be kept in mind that it will be a requirement that you have to provide complete details of your bank account for ACH in order to process with the transfer and it can take a while to be completed. You can keep in mind a time span of 5 days to within a week in order to let the transfer take place.

It is suggested that you need to make sure that you have chosen a reputable and trustable bitcoin broker, this is one of the essential steps. It is to be kept in mind while choosing a bitcoin broker that your information and details of the bank are with them and there is a chance that they can misuse it. So, choose a professional one, where you have the trust that your information is safe with them. Either it’s your personal information or of the bank account, it has to be safe. You can check the websites and forums regularly because there you can find enlisted issues regarding bitcoin along with the list of scams of the brokers. Make sure you complete your research before putting forward a request to purchase the bitcoin.

Here is a list of few options from where you can order bitcoin with ACH Transfer:


It is a peer-to-peer (P2P) cloud forum, apart from doing the bitcoin transfer it is also facilitating a marketplace for other type of physical and online commodities such as altcoins, gold and other assets. Their transaction fee is 0 percent for the purchase of bitcoin and the fee for conversion is around 0.75 %. There is a need of verification, and time span is around 5 days.


  • There is a variety of offers available regarding bitcoins.
  • Other commodities can be purchased too.


  • Scams possibility.
  • The bitcoins and funds are allocate in the wallet of website.


It is another option in the US that has no fees charges in case the account is completely verified. Its services are available in most of the European Union countries and in few US states.


  • No fees on verified account.


  • It is not supported in states such as Hawaii, Minnesota, and Wyoming.
  • Verification is required for ACH transfer.


It is based in the United States, it offers the ACH transfer without any fee while the taker’s fee is around 0.25% but it can be free as it is dependent upon the level of verification and trading volume.


  • Minimum to no fee on transaction.
  • There is a possibility for institution to carry out trade.


  • There is a need of verification for higher limitations.
  • Availability is restricted.


There is another bitcoin exchange which serves the United States and Canada. It is said to users favorite but now they have increased the fee to 10 percent. It can take 5 business days for the purpose of transferring the funds and their arrival, and full verification is required.


  • The process is really short of buying the bitcoins.
  • All of the states of United States and Canada are covered in it.


  • The transaction fee is increased and is high now.
  • There is a requirement of full verification.


If you are looking for purchasing bitcoins through ACH transfer, we are sure that this article is helpful for all the users. In case you have any query leave it in the comment section below and we will help you out for sure.

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