10 Best Options Trading Platforms UK (2022 In-Depth Reviews)

Options trading is a type of financial investing that allows investors to decide on future asset prices like stocks, commodities, and currencies. This investment strategy can provide investors with high returns in exchange for higher levels of risk than traditional types of investments. 

Options trading offers many benefits that can appeal to many investors. Whether you’re looking for high returns with moderate risk or want to dip your toes into the investing world without risking too much money at once, options trading may be the perfect investment strategy for you. 

Suppose you’re interested in learning more about options trading and how it can help you earn higher investment returns. In that case, several online platforms provide educational resources and tutorials to get you started. Talk to an experienced financial professional like Saxo if you have questions or concerns about getting started with options trading.

The perks of options trading

Options trading can be an excellent way for beginners in the UK to start investing their money. Several perks come with options trading, such as flexibility, lower initial investment requirements, and potential returns much higher than you would get from other types of investments.


One of the main perks of options trading is its flexibility. When you invest in stocks or bonds, your money is typically tied up for a set amount of time until the investment matures. With options trading, however, you have more freedom to move your money around depending on market conditions and risk tolerance. You can hold onto your options until they expire or sell them at any point during the contract’s life cycle if you need access to your money.

Lower initial investment requirements

Another perk of options trading is that you don’t need to invest as much money at the beginning to get started. Many options-trading platforms have low minimum investment requirements, allowing investors to start small and gradually increase their investment over time if desired, which can be especially useful for beginner investors who are still learning about the intricacies of the market and might not want to risk a large amount of money before they feel comfortable making more significant trades.

On the other hand, options trading typically requires only a small amount of initial funding to get started. It is appealing for those looking to dip their toes into the investing pool without risking too much money.


Another great perk of options trading is that it can help investors leverage their capital to increase returns potentially. Leverage allows you to use your existing funds as collateral to obtain additional funds that can be used for investments. For example, an investor with $1,000 may access $10,000 worth of investment capital through leverage and use this money for options trading. Of course, leveraged trades come with higher levels of risk and may not be suitable for beginner investors just starting.

Potential returns

In addition to flexibility and lower initial investment requirements, options trading offers another significant advantage: higher potential returns than many other types of investments. Because you only need to predict how much an asset will move to make good use of it, you have the potential to find more opportunities from options trading than you would from other types of investments. Of course, this also means that you can lose money if your trades go against you, but for many investors, this added risk is worth the advantage they could potentially make through options trading.

What are the risks?

While options trading can be good for investors, it does come with some risks. Because your investments are leveraged, you are using borrowed money to invest in them, and you can lose more money than you initially invested if your trades don’t pan out as expected. Additionally, there is no guarantee that the market will move in the direction you predict or that an option contract will end in the predicted time frame, which means you could lose all of your investment in a trade if things go wrong.

The bottom line

If you’re interested in exploring options trading as a beginner in the UK, several platforms and resources can help get you started. Just be sure to research before investing any money. 

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