July 25, 2024


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Taxes and the Foreign Companies in the Right Notes

Every other foreign company that the Danish Tax Agency controls cheats with tax and VAT. It runs up in triple-digit million amounts every year. In four and a half years, the Danish treasury has received DKK 850 million from control of VAT and tax fraud among foreign companies and employees in Denmark.

  • This is shown by new figures from the report on the so-called government effort, where the police, the Danish Tax Agency and the Danish Working Environment Authority jointly explain how it is possible to combat social dumping in Denmark.
  • Here it appears that the Danish Tax Agency continues to have great success in following foreign companies and Danish companies that employ foreign labor in the seams of tax fraud.
  • In the first half of 2019 alone, the Danish Tax Agency thus found tax evasion for DKK 113 million. That is only DKK 10 million less than the same effort found of tax evasion throughout 2015.

It shows precisely the importance of control efforts against social dumping. Both Danish and foreign companies that employ foreign labor in Denmark obviously have increasing problems with the payment of taxes, VAT and duties – what we others call cheating and fraud, says Henning Overgaard, federal secretary in 3F. For the sales tax calculator zip code it is important now.

Every second breaks the rules

As recently as last November, the Danish Tax Agency was inspecting 69 companies across the country as part of a nationwide inspection against social dumping together with the police and the Danish Working Environment Authority.

  • In 29 of the companies that the Danish Tax Agency controlled, there were such major problems with the tax payment that they were subjected to further control.
  • On the whole, there are most often bites when the foreign firms are checked for cheating with the tax. 
  • In the first half of 2019, the Danish Tax Agency carried out 1,387 inspections, which led to tax adjustment in 712 cases – or in more than every other case.

When we focus on social dumping, it is, among other things, to ensure that foreign companies and employees pay the right tax in Denmark and thus ensure more fair competition with Danish companies, explains Ernst O. Nielsen, who is function manager at the Danish Tax Agency .

More money for social dumping efforts in the future

After several years of savings in the area, more money was set aside in the latest Finance Act to combat social dumping. From 158 million kroner in 2019 to 241 million kroner in 2020 according to the government itself, this is the biggest boost in the efforts against social dumping to date.

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