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What Are the Benefits of Printing and Selling Custom T-Shirts? – ShoeMoney

What Are the Benefits of Printing and Selling Custom T-Shirts? – ShoeMoney

Man preparing t-shirt for printing in the silk screen printing machine

Is your company planning on selling custom t-shirts? Selling company merch has been a growing trend for many businesses. Most business managers at trade shows and similar events opt for cheap items like pens.

If you want to make your merchandise efforts more effective, try custom t-shirts. Custom t-shirts are a great way to make your brand known and increase customer retention. It does not only serve as a great way to make money, but it can also turn the workplace into a community. However, mass-producing custom t-shirts can be too big of an investment for some.

Want to know if selling company t-shirts is worth it? This article covers all the benefits of printing and selling custom t-shirts. Read on to find out more!

Marketing on the Go

When someone wears your custom printed t-shirts, that person is promoting your brand. Everyone they come across throughout the day will see your company logo. Seeing it even once might be enough for someone to search up your services or products on Google.

Custom printed t-shirts also serve as free advertising and can boost brand recognition. It’s also best to not assume that physical marketing is no longer as effective as digital media. Despite the rise of digital marketing, physical marketing continues to be a relevant medium.

Producing Custom T-Shirts is Functional

Why are most promotional products mugs, shirts, pens, and caps?

The reason is that they’re practical and functional. If you’re looking to sell company merch, it’s best to choose items that serve a logical function. People need clothes, and t-shirts are among the most basic clothing items you can pair with any outfit.

If you provide quality apparel, people will wear it regardless of how much branding you put on it. They might put on the t-shirts simply because they need something to wear or because they love the art on them. Functional promotional items beat anything decorative or only for aesthetic.

To ensure that customers will want to buy your merch, prioritize good t-shirt designs. Smacking your logo on top of a t-shirt won’t be enough to gain a customer’s interest. You can either go minimalistic and simple or bright and bold.

It wouldn’t hurt to invest some money in good fabrics. Many people keep t-shirts not because of the design, but because they’re comfortable. People are more likely to wear a plain but comfortable shirt than one that looks nice but is itchy and rough.

Builds Company Culture

Are you looking for something to unite your staff and build a strong following? T-shirts help build company culture. They’re better than traditional uniforms because of the comfort and style of shirts.

Staff wearing a custom printed shirt promotes a positive environment too. It shows people love the work they do and the company they work for. It can also help build camaraderie and a sense of belonging when they come in for work.

Let people show their support for your brand, whether or not they work for the company. Of course, you’ll need to ensure they like the shirt they wear. You can get quality printing from notable companies like Team Concepts Printing.

Affordable Apparel

Giving out promotional mugs and umbrellas may help, but you might have to spend more than needed. T-shirts still rank as the best promotional items because of how affordable they are. One of the main points of selling custom t-shirts is the fact they’re inexpensive.

Another benefit is that you don’t have to keep spending on customized shirts. There’s no ink you have to refill, no e-juice to purchase, or digital load to keep up. T-shirts are a one-time expense and this makes them the ideal promotional products.

If you want to print t-shirts as a business, you won’t have to rely on a large financial capital. You’ll have to invest in the printing equipment, but you don’t have to spend much on plain shirts or paint. 

Multiple Printing Options

Did you know there are multiple ways to print shirts?

The traditional method of printing custom t-shirts is the screen printing technique. There is also the digital printing option and heat transfer methods.

The benefit here is that you can pick one method according to your budget. Each method has its own pros and cons, too, ensuring you don’t have to stick to one technique if you don’t like the results. Keep in mind that digital printing is more expensive than the other options due to the equipment needed.

Easy to Recognize

Branding should always be easy to recognize. The moment someone sees your logo on a shirt, umbrella, mug, or cap, they should be able to identify the company it stands for.

When you put a logo on a shirt, it’s almost impossible for people not to recognize it. Logos on shirts are often big and easy to spot, even from a distance.

People might not see your online ads the moment you put them out. Consumers might not immediately see the online banners or newsletters you set out to their emails. However, people will immediately see and identify your brand when they spot it on a shirt worn in public.

Free Evergreen Marketing

Did you hand out printed shirts to people who attended your company’s event? Those recipients will wear those shirts and continue to promote your company for years. You won’t ever have to spend another dime because they count as evergreen marketing materials.

What is evergreen marketing? This term refers to materials that remain relevant months or years after they first launched.

If you’re a startup business, selling custom t-shirts can give you the momentum you need. Customers will remember brands that give them an exceptional first-hand experience. You can also do this during promotional events like trade shows.

Start Selling Custom T-Shirts Today

Now you know the benefits of selling custom t-shirts. Custom t-shirts are practical for all wearers, including customers and staff. If you want practical but effective products, start designing your custom t-shirts.

Custom t-shirts are a great way to boost your marketing efforts. However, it doesn’t have to stop here! For more brand marketing tips, check out our other blog posts.

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