11 Benefits For Installing A Home Solar System

11 Benefits For Installing A Home Solar System - Build Magazine

Having a home solar system can improve your home by being able to control the energy you use to light up your home as well as make life convenient for you by using appliances and equipment needed to maintain your home’s tidiness and beauty. There are a lot of benefits of residential solar power that’s why more and more people are shifting to solar energy. Here are 11 benefits for installing a home solar system.

What Are The Advantages Of Solar Energy?


This is one of the main reasons why people shift to solar energy. They want to go green and help the environment recover. Non-renewable energy such as coal, oil and natural gases produces greenhouse gases and toxic elements that cause air, land, and water pollution. By shifting to solar energy, you will contribute towards cleaning the environment from pollution. 

Reduce Utility Bills 

Electricity bills are always fluctuating and most months they are high. With the use of a solar panel system, you can reduce your bills since the solar energy produced by it can support most of your energy needs or if good enough 100% of your energy can be covered. Solar energy can be stored on batteries which means you can earn enough during the day time and save on batteries, then use this energy at night. 

Reliable Energy Source 

Solar energy is powered by the sun which is a finite source. Scarcity of the source will less likely to happen. In some seasons where the sun won’t shine all the time the solar panel can still gather energy. So worries on fluctuating prices will not be an issue anymore. 

Low Maintenance 

Solar panels may require annual maintenance but if done regularly then there will be no much issue. Most annual maintenance is covered by the warranty from your solar providers. If solar panels are taken care of properly there will be fewer repairs and replacements. Cleaning solar panels when needed is also a must, such as dusting them when there are elements covering it.

Get Rebates and Incentives

The number one incentive you can get if you get solar panel installation is the federal tax credit that the government offers to residents who shift to solar energy usage. As of this year 2021, the federal solar tax is at 26% of the price of your solar panels. You may not get the federal tax immediately but this can be credited to your annual tax liabilities. 

Increase Home Value 

Just in case you are planning to sell your home then you can assure to get the best price if you have a solar panel system in it. Properties with a solar panel system can be sold with a higher value. 

Easy Installation 

The procedure in availing solar panel installation is not that complicated as long as you will deal with a legit solar provider then everything will go smoothly. It may only take a few days to get your solar panel installed. 

Earn Money From it

If your solar panel system is connected to the grid which is called net metering. You will have the opportunity to earn from it. In net metering, any excess energy is sent to the utility grid. The utility grid will then credit this to you in a form of free energy or it can be credited to your bill.  

Performance Guarantee

Good solar providers can give a performance guarantee for 25 years since they are aware that their solar panels are of high quality and can last that long and can retain their efficiency for that long. 

Economic Saving 

Due to the demand for electricity, the prices keep on getting higher, however, with solar energy it will be the opposite. As more people shift to solar energy, installation will become cheaper in the future and can be availed by everyone. Fluctuating prices will not also be a problem since the source is finite. 

Solar Energy Will Spread in the Future

More and more people are shifting to solar energy and this will be part of the normal way of getting convenience in their home without spending too much on paying electricity bills. 

So if you’re still asking, is residential solar energy worth it? Does residential solar pay for itself? Just read the 11 benefits for installing a home solar system and you will surely know that solar energy can be the best choice for your home.