February 24, 2024


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Applicant Tracking Systems: The Key to Make Job Easier for Employers

Applicant Tracking Systems: The Key to Make Job Easier for Employers

The recruitment process can be exhausting if there is no system to follow. Most employers have a human resource team to do the job, but still finds difficulties in tracking records of applicants during the hiring process. That’s why Applicant Tracking Systems were made to give convenience to employers who hire people frequently. Let’s discuss what applicant tracking systems are and what it can do to make life better for employers. Here are factors that can help a company determine why they need an applicant tracking system(ATS).

Reasons Why Use an Applicant Tracking System

Saves Time 

When things are done manually, time in doing this becomes longer and inaccurate due to human error. People may be dedicated not to commit mistakes but just like the saying goes, we are but humans. However, by using the applicant tracking system you can save time since it is programmed to do its job with 99% to 100% accuracy. With just a few clicks, you can send batches of follow up emails to your applicants, instead of doing it one by one manually. 

CV Screening Features 

What happens when jobs are posted online would be, having a load of applications, and sorting it out would really consume your time. To be able to narrow down the number of qualified applicants on the file, the Applicant Tracking System uses an algorithm to discard applications that doesn’t match the job description then ranks the qualified one according to who suits the job description best. By having this feature, scanning of applicants will be easier since employers just have to focus on the top 5 Resumes on the applicant tracking system. 

Makes Collaborative Hiring Possible 

Hiring process does not only involve one person, this is done by a team or group of individuals who brainstorm to be able to come up with all the necessary processes that are needed in recruiting people to join their company or team. All steps on the hiring process that applicants have to go through should be discussed by the group before they can move forward to the next.

In this set up the applicant tracking system can aid by having a feature where each team member can share notes and ratings regarding the applicant’s status or performance. Meeting often to discuss this matter is time-consuming but with ATS they can just share ideas via this software. 

Results to Quality Hiring

Due to lack of time, the hiring process is done fast and results in failure in getting the best candidate for the job. Evaluating people thoroughly is rough, especially when done manually. Measuring people’s capability by engaging with them through communication offline and through interviews can be a good way to know if they are the right ones for the job. However, this traditional way can be time-consuming and makes the process longer.

When employers decide to use the Applicant Tracking Systems, the quality of hiring can improve since ATS can filter candidates that are potential talents. Once the list is generated, employers can then concentrate on evaluating fewer applicants by spending enough time during interviews. Longer and more relaxed interviews can make them know their applicants better, compared with doing short interviews with a bunch of applicants because you have to finish them all in a given time frame. Having a filtered list of applicants saves both time for employers and future employees. 

Leads to Shorter Recruitment Cycle 

The Recruitment process becomes longer when each step is done manually. Time can not be budgeted since employers can not tell how much time they need to interview or evaluate an applicant. Using ATS can help employers organize and centralize applicants’ data for better viewing, scanning, and assess their candidates. Using this system can make it possible for employers to finish the recruitment process in a week rather than running it for a month. 

Employers had been maximizing the use of software to make their hiring process more efficient as well as save them time from doing everything manually. It will be a wise choice to use applicant tracking systems to accelerate their hiring process and start training their newly hired employees. Instead of extending more time in evaluating them and keeping the job vacancy hanging.  

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