Engagement rings have to be special just like the event where a man proposes to her partner to be her future husband. Therefore, the ring presented should be something that would let her say yes! How about considering a white gold 1-carat diamond engagement ring? Let us give you tips on why a 1ct white gold diamond ring is a good choice. Engagement rings come in many designs and types that’s why men have a hard time choosing something perfect for their partner. That’s why we are here to help.  

Characteristics of one-carat White Gold Diamond Ring


Pricing of this type of white gold diamond ring can increase as it reaches higher weight categories. When we say weight carat categories your diamond for your white gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring should not fall below 1 carat and should not be over 1.99 carats. Cutting a perfect 1 carat diamond is rare, therefore you can have 1 carat or more as your stone for your 1 carat white gold diamond ring. Pricing will depend on the exact carat of the stone you will be getting. For the white gold setting, it is also affordable compared with other metals, therefore they are perfect for a white gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring. 

Carat Weight 

When purchasing an engagement ring, make the best of your money by considering the carat and the size at the same time. Same carat diamonds doesn’t mean they have the same size all the time. Although a 1 carat diamond usually measures 6.4 mm, this will still depend on the shape of the diamond and how it was cut. Get a 1 carat diamond with a bigger surface since this is the one that appears on the top of your ring. Larger Table diamonds make the ring more brilliant and sparkling. 


The clarity on the stone of a white gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring matters since this can affect the physical appearance. Find the most affordable diamond you can search, ones with unnoticeable blemishes that can not be seen by the naked eye would still be good. Devices are available to check how “eye clean” your diamonds are then you can be sure of this concern. 


Settings come in different forms and metals, sometimes it’s also hard to choose which one fits your ideal ring well. We would recommend 14k white gold 1 carat diamond ring, since white gold compliments the color of the diamond. What’s more 14k white gold 1ct diamond rings are more durable compared with other metals because they are mixed with other stronger metals. Another thing about 1 ct diamond engagement ring 14k white gold is , it is more affordable than platinum even if they have similar colors. This shade of metal also compliments rose or fair skin tones. So if you have a fair future wife to be then this one for her. 


The color of diamonds matters most since it can affect the overall physical appearance of an engagement ring. Colorless diamonds are expensive but almost the same as the nearly colorless diamonds, getting diamonds that have G to I range is fine since they are almost close to the D to F color scale. 

Cut Quality 

Well cut diamonds will be best in selecting a stone for your engagement rings. Cutting a 1 carat diamond is hard and should be done by an expert. Make sure to select a store that is reputable for cutting diamonds at its finest. Since diamond cuts can affect the durability of a diamond. A well-cut diamond is not susceptible to getting chips or spots. 

These tips about white gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring can help you know the advantages of choosing it versus the other designs. White gold 1 carat diamond engagement comes in different designs, therefore you can still choose which one suits your partner best. Your jeweler will be much willing to guide you in getting the details of the best White gold 1 carat diamond engagement they have to offer. All you have to do is pick one and be ready for the day you get to see the happy face of your partner when you hand her the engagement ring. Shop online at Shira-Diamonds.com for a pure 14k white gold 1 carat diamond engagement ring that fits your budget.