April 19, 2024


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TopMarketCap Reviews 2021: Evaluating The Benefits And Disadvantages Of This Broker (www.topmarketcap.com)

If you are new to trading or have recently been the victim of a fake forex firm, I must say that you have arrived at the right place. I am an experienced trader with over 20 years of experience. I’ve watched this profession go through huge transformations that were unimaginable when I first started.

The development of online brokerage businesses is one such example. I’m sure you’re all aware of the numerous frauds that have continued to make selecting the correct broker difficult. When people ask me which forum I use, I always tell them about TopMarketCap.

I don’t want any of you to jump in straight away after hearing about it from me; instead, I’d like you to think about the benefits and draw your own conclusions. It isn’t as simple as it appears because most of the con artists have cleverly concealed their flaws beneath the appearance of flashy features.

Today, I’ve decided to write this review in the hopes of not only exposing the flaws and strengths of my forum but also teaching you how to do it effectively.


  • Security

As a long-time customer of the platform, I can assure you that security is one issue about which you need not be concerned. I can say this since I am aware that the administration at TopMarketCap is always willing to go above and beyond for its consumers. This is evident in the fact that several countries, including Iran, Cuba, Syria, Korea, and the United States, are unable to access the website.

It’s not that individuals from these countries don’t want to join; in fact, operating in these places poses certain security risks to the firm’s other clients, therefore the corporation has opted to forego earnings instead. Furthermore, the legal documents provided explicitly discuss various security measures as well as legal views on certain actions such as money laundering.

Even if you do not believe the platform to be a good fit for you, I encourage you to read the Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions, and the Withdrawal Refund and Cancellation Policy. This task will provide you all with an idea of how the company would phrase its paperwork if it were a reliable corporation.

  • A wide range of tradable assets

The second issue I’d like to discuss is the extraordinary variety of materials available to you. Always keep in mind that you should aim to employ as many of these as possible. This is because every time you enter the realm of a new asset, you are diversifying your portfolio by adding it to your portfolio.

This enables you to embrace every golden opportunity that may present itself. For example, I had never dealt with pleasant cryptocurrency before joining this platform, but after doing so, I had all the confidence I needed to conduct my first crypto transaction. Since then, Crypto has benefitted me the most. I’d also want to mention that it was here that I made my first stock deal, owing to the expert financial managers.

I bought Tesla stock and saw my earnings increase dramatically within a year. It’s beneficial to earn expertise in one area, but you may do so while also investigating some of the other options. Also, as a trader, you must be open to new developments because if you are not, time will pass you by.

  • Multiple Account Types

To ensure that you get exactly what you want, the platform has split the functions into accounts. This prevents beginner traders from paying for expensive services that are only offered to larger companies. Although there are six accounts in total, you can only open five of them by making a deposit. Only individuals who have been invited have access to the Libra account.

  • Education Center

Over the years, I’ve come to know that education and learning never stop. Regardless of how long you’ve been in the industry, you should be aware of market developments. This is why TopMarketCap has a section dedicated to educational materials. As a result, TopMarketCap has established itself as both a resource center and a trading platform.

The subsections include eBooks, Asset Index, Glossary, and FAQ. Its usefulness stems from the fact that it caters to both new and experienced traders.

  • Customer Care

I am convinced that having a well-developed Customer Support department is critical for a company’s success. This demonstrates the company’s regard for its consumers. Here, I’ve seen how the firm puts so much work into the reps since they understand that they are the brand’s face.

I once couldn’t log out of my account since I couldn’t find a way to do so. I dialed the number provided, and the agent patiently explained and guided me without making me feel terrible. I enjoy how the firm has given its customers a variety of ways to contact them, such as phone, chat, and email. I’ve been relying on the chat feature the most because it provides an immediate response.

  • User-Friendly

So, in all of my years at TopMarketCap, I’ve never felt like I’ve had to fight with the website. This platform is extremely user-friendly, dynamic, catchy, and engaging, according to all consumers. All these characteristics combine to make the entire experience of using it so pleasant and delightful.

I’d begin with the logo at the top, which, with a click, returns me to the main page. An arrow at the bottom allows you to quickly reach the top without having to scroll. The eye-catching visuals help to make the website more self-explanatory and reduce the requirement for video training.

In addition, the font style, size, and color are consistent throughout, making it more readable. All important choices, such as create an account and get started, are highlighted in green. The nicest thing is that you may use the website on a variety of devices, and it will be equally easy to use on all of them.

I’ve gone to platforms where the websites are sluggish, and the content is difficult to read. Furthermore, the major options are hard to find. So far, this one appears to be amazing.


  • A dark background

Since my eyes struggle to work with all the darkness, the dark backdrop color does not work for me. I don’t want it to be completely white either. They may allow each user to select their background color. If this happens with the font color, size, and style, it will be fantastic. Because the firm believes in offering high degrees of customizability to all features, all these measures are likely to be available shortly.

  • Languages

The platform has two languages, English and German. Because most but not all traders are equally comfortable with English, the website should be made available in a wider number of languages. Now that the website has clients from all over the world, I believe this step should be implemented as soon as possible.

  • Payment Options

The platform offers three major types of payment methods, namely Bank Wire, Debit Card, and Credit card. However, with the growing buzz in crypto, bitcoin payment should be an option too. Moreover, PayPal and/or iDEAL should also be an option as the majority prefers these, these days.

  • Limited Hours for Customer Support

It’s not an easy job to provide customer service for traders, but despite the difficulties that come with being a trader outside of 9-5 hours. For example, it is often hard to get help on weekends when many trades are happening at once. Despite this difficulty though, I am always satisfied with how quickly they answer me and respond to my questions or concerns.

  • FAQs

The website includes Frequently Asked Queries, which is a smart idea given that most traders think along the same lines and so have similar questions. I like how this part is organized to make it easier to browse, however, because the field evolves at such a rapid pace, new issues arise from time to time. As a result, I feel this part should be updated on a more regular basis. Aside from that, I appreciate the topic and precision with which the responses were written.

  • Private Analyst Session

Sessions with an analyst are the next noteworthy feature. You’ll see how capable they all are after you sign up. I’ve always profited from their professional advice since I was aware of how they constantly monitor market conditions. However, this function is not available to young traders who have a Self-Managed Account.

Many traders, like myself, believe that this function is as important as it is for professionals. Aside from that, I’d like to hear that the initial deposit sum for this account is amazingly low, bearing in mind that this account is intended for those who do not have even 250 euros.


So far, TopMarketCap has shown to be a great choice. I appreciate the platform giving us the appropriate features and specs. This ideal trading atmosphere has helped the platform capture the hearts of millions of people all around the world. Traders of all sorts will be happy to see that all of the features are up to par. While each trader will have its own set of requirements, TopMarketCap’s unique analytical tools ensure that it can appeal to a larger audience.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation. 

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