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Benefits of getting a business phone line with a unified inbox  

A hassle-free way to stay connected

As a small business owner who is trying to grow your business, you want to provide the best experience for your customers. That’s why it is of utmost importance to respond quickly and efficiently to answer questions customers have before making a purchase or addressing any support issues about their order. You can do that with a business phone line with a unified inbox.

Often, customers will want to directly call the business to speak with someone — that’s where having a business phone line really helps. For a solopreneur who wants to be nimble and use their personal smartphone to handle business matters as well, adding a second phone line to their device can be essential to separate personal calls and texts from business ones.

Solve for too many inboxes

Unlike a few decades ago, there has now been an influx of different platforms that consumers use that have increased the number of communication channels through which customers may contact business owners.  In addition to calls, there are social platforms, web chat, contact forms, email, and the list goes on. Given so many different platforms, it makes it very difficult for one person to view and address all messages that are coming in from various channels.

Through GoDaddy’s Websites + Marketing plan, every business owner can stay on top of their customer communication through Conversations, a unified inbox tool that comes included with their plan. Conversations is a messaging and customer engagement tool where you can manage customer communication from various channels in one place — live chat, chat bot, contact forms, business phone lines and social platforms such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages.

Conversations allows customers easily set up chat on their website and customize the chat widget design and color scheme to match their company brand, also add custom messages, and set their hours of availability in terms of days of the week and hours during the day.

Get chatty with chatbots

There are also two chatbots available that can send automated messages and respond to customers 24/7, 365 days a year, even if you or your employees are unavailable to address — the Hello Bot and Order Bot. The Order Bot is available to Commerce customers that have orders that the bot can check. The Hello Bot can handle short messages to request more details from your customer. These are on by default but can also be turned off.

Connect with contact forms and DMs

Another communication channel is contact forms that also can be customized in terms of what fields to display. Business owners can set up a contact us form to get in touch. Whenever a customer submits a message, it will get routed to the Conversations tool which also sends them an email to a designated email address.

If you use Facebook or Instagram to promote your business, you can easily connect Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Message to your Conversations app to receive all incoming communications and also be able to directly respond from your unified inbox.

Bring it all together with a unified inbox

A business phone line is also available for business owners who subscribe to Websites + Marketing Premium and higher plans through the GoDaddy Conversations mobile app.

Any message that comes in from these important channels gets routed into one unified inbox where a business owner can directly reply without having to sign into multiple accounts or apps. It helps keep messages organized and also keeps track of prior messages.

Based on looking at GoDaddy customers who have used the Conversations tool, those who communicate more with their customers have more sales than those who don’t. This indicates that customer engagement is directly tied to leads and how much sales are generated.

In order to stay on top of important inquiries and provide great customer service that drives sales, having a unified inbox to easily manage all communication channels in one place is extremely beneficial.

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