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Sharing knowledge

At GoDaddy, sharing knowledge is important to help enable Pros and businesses to succeed. The GoDaddy Pro Community team hosts weekly events with various entrepreneurs and knowledgeable experts on a wide range of topics, from WordPress to accessibility. In case you missed any of the meetups or want to rewatch them, we have a quick recap of some of our meetups from this year.

GoDaddy Pro EMEA: Accessible website architecture and UX

With website design, we primarily talk about aesthetics — color schemes, images, layout, text size, and fonts. But there is more than just designing a site that determines whether the design is user-friendly, inclusive, and accessible.

Website content architecture improvements, such as consistent navigation and clear sitemaps, are features that can improve the browsing experience, especially for those relying on assistive technologies. In this meet up prepare for an interesting journey of website tours from the perspective of users with visual impairment.

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GoDaddy Pro: Sell your courses online with WooCommerce

The global pandemic forced companies to shift their business models. However, eLearning was quickly becoming a popular way to offer courses and lessons worldwide. Now, eLearning is growing year over year and the number of learning management systems (LMS) is on the rise.

In this pro meetup, join Angela Blake, Product Manager at GoDaddy, to learn more about this growing sector and how to leverage your WooCommerce site to sell courses online. You’ll learn about the opportunities available as well as the tools and plugins needed to fully take advantage of this revenue stream. With WordPress, WooCommerce, and a solid learning management strategy in place, you’ll be able to generate new sales or grow your existing store!

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GoDaddy Pro: Building a learning management system (LMS) with WordPress

eLearning isn’t exactly new. In fact, for several years it has been an option for college courses, certifications, or simply for people looking to learn something new. The global pandemic forced more companies to reevaluate and pivot their business models, and online courses have become even more prevalent.

In this webinar, you’ll learn about the six red-hot online learning niches and how WordPress professionals can service these markets. You’ll also discover new ways to think about leveraging technology to deliver modern online learning experiences. We’ll also take a tour of the role of WordPress in the eLearning industry during these rapidly changing times.

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