Insider’s TikTok Integration for Remarketing

Insider’s TikTok Integration for Remarketing

The world is on TikTok. Are you?

TikTok has become a key driver, not just for reach and awareness, but also for sales and conversions,  justifying its role within brands’ eCommerce strategies. Since its launch, TikTok’s reach and influence have increased leaps and bounds.

With over a billion active users, TikTok offers a brilliant opportunity for marketers to reach audiences around the globe in a highly creative and playful environment. 25% of TikTok users globally say they have either researched a product or made a purchase after watching related content (Source: Marketer’s Guide to TikTok).

Success Mantra: Making the most of your TikTok Remarketing?

Even before you start retargeting ads, the most crucial step in the way is to get your audience segment right. Insider’s AI-powered segmentation empowers you to leverage 25+ algorithms to create razor-sharp segments based on the users’ behavior on the mobile app. And, with our one-click integration, you can send these fine-tuned segments to TikTok to reduce churn and fast-track engagements. We’ve rounded up three effective strategies you could leverage right away:

1. Drive retention by re-engaging with inactive customers

Target users who did not open the app in the last 14 days and are likely to churn; re-engage them to bring them to the app.

Mobile app banner for inactive users on TikTok

2. Boost conversions by targeting users who are likely to purchase

Leverage predictive segmentation to target the audience that is easy to convert. Combine them with events like product page views etc., to create highly focused user segments.

Discount banner on mobile app to convert high conversion potential customers on TikTok

3. Continuously engage with power users by sharing preferred content

Show remarketing ads to users who consistently use your app to share personalized content to keep them interested.

Mobile app banner that includes personalized content to retain active users on TikTok

Parting Thoughts

While TikTok retargeting ads are great brand-building and consumer conversion tools, they work best in a well-developed strategy. In reality, it is no different than retargeting on other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Google. What’s important is to start with a finely focused segment as opposed to a broad and cold audience.

Insider’s Mobile App Remarketing Integration with TikTok lets you explore all these remarketing possibilities and maximize your RoAS.

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