April 15, 2024


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Here’s Why You Need to Get Health Insurance When Travelling to Denmark

Travel Insurance For A Trip to Denmark – Forbes Advisor

Falling sick when on a trip is not ideal, and it is not something you would love to experience when going to a country like Denmark because you wouldn’t want to miss out on the beautiful atmosphere. 

However, illnesses and accidents don’t reveal themselves until they happen. And being away from your country means you will need one form of treatment or another in your new environment, which will cost you money. Reviews in Denmark show that foreigners without health insurance often need medical aid, which they end up paying for. That is why you need travel medical insurance to cover expenses and reduce the impact of such emergencies on your financial status.

Denmark’s health system is designed to support its citizens actively. The privileges are not extended to foreigners. Insurance in Denmark is thriving due to the presence of major companies in the industry. However, taking insurance in the country as a foreigner is tied to certain documents, such as a permanent residence permit. With that said, let’s properly look at why you need health insurance when coming to Denmark.

Free Medical Health in Denmark is only available to citizens

The people pay taxes in Denmark, part of which funds the public health sector. This provides free medical care for citizens. The hospitals and other medical facilities are well-equipped and staffed by trained personnel to provide quality health services.

But these privileges are not extended to foreigners. Therefore, you are left to pay your medical bills if you don’t have any health-related insurance coverage. With medical travel insurance, you won’t feel the impact of your medical costs in such situations.

Travel health insurance covers it all

Travel medical insurance covers sudden health expenditures on your travel. Any illness, health-related condition, and injuries covered by your insurance plan will lead to compensation of a fixed amount when such occurs. Your travel health insurance should cover the following:

  • Medical personnel charges
  • Ambulance services
  • Medical facility bills
  • Diagnosis, tests, X-rays, treatments, and others.
  • Dental care charges
  • Administered drugs charges

You can have separate health insurance coverage, or it can be part of an encompassing travel insurance plan. Travel medical insurance is only for health-related emergencies which require medical attention when on your travels and not for experimental medical purposes.

Successful urgent medical care for foreigners in Denmark is not still free

If you need urgent medical attention in Denmark, the authorities may still attend to you without payment, even without health insurance. However, if they found out a preexisting ailment caused the emergency, you will need to pay for the medical services received. However, with medical insurance, you will avert such an ugly scenario.

Private healthcare is expensive in Denmark

Private healthcare in Denmark is quite expensive due to its sophistication. Therefore visiting a private hospital in Denmark will incur huge costs, especially if you don’t have medical insurance. 



In conclusion, you need medical insurance when visiting Denmark, as it will help mitigate the costs of medical care when the need for sudden medical attention arises. Also, the health sector in Denmark is not favorable to foreigners. Therefore, medical insurance will do you a lot of good.

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