April 19, 2024


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How Top Brands are Experimenting with TikTok.

How Top Brands are Experimenting with TikTok.

What is TikTok, and who uses it?

The company behind the app TikTok describes itself as a “place for short-form mobile films.” Users may make and share videos with musical elements, such as filters and editing effects, or with the user lip-syncing or dancing to the music. Most videos on TikTok are only 15 seconds long. However, this limit has been doubled to 30 seconds in March 2022.

Teenagers are early adopters of new social media platforms, and TikTok has found a large audience among them. Many of them have gained thousands of followers over the last few years because they learned how to utilize the platform and customize it to their preferences early on. Even though TikTok is particularly popular among the younger generation, it keeps its users as they age.

TikTok is a critical platform for global businesses to connect with a new generation of consumers, inspire user-generated content, and forge strategic partnerships with influential opinion leaders. Nike, Skittles, Fenty Beauty, Pepsi, Calvin Klein, Sony, FIFA, and many more have all run sponsored and influencer campaigns on TikTok.

  1. //www.tiktok.com/@who?lang=en“>The World Health Organization

In the early stages of the COVID-19 epidemic, the World Health Organization (WHO) started a TikTok channel to dispel social media falsehoods, provide reliable health information, and provide safety advice.

The World Health Organization (WHO) uses TikTok to interact with the app’s younger audience by sharing films that deliver essential health updates and using TikTok live videos to respond to inquiries from the community. However, they do not target a particular audience; they focus on current health issues in different societies worldwide.


The budget airline has had its share of problems owing to Covid, but that hasn’t stopped the company’s brand from making waves online. Ryanair’s TikTok account may not seem like the thing that would cause a stir, yet the airline’s hilarious and quirky videos have amassed 1.2 million subscribers.

The TikTok account for Ryanair, said to be managed by a famous influencer, has several videos shot from the perspective of the flight attendants (POV). It makes light of itself in a variety of ways that will appeal to members of Generation Z and millennials, such as a wailing infant, an inexperienced staff, or a lack of leg space for a passenger.


During six days in 2019, Chipotle’s GuacDance Challenge, encouraging guacamole enthusiasts to demonstrate dancing techniques devoted to avocados, garnered 250,000 video entries and 430 million video starts. In addition, national Avocado Day saw the brand’s highest volume of guacamole orders ever.

Chipotle introduced a new “Chipotle Royalty” contest in 2020, offering TikTok users the opportunity to win $10,000 by demonstrating why their Chipotle order is the best among more than 4 million conceivable combinations. In addition, the initiative encourages the creation of films using the hashtag #ChipotleRoyalty. For a limited time, Chipotle will showcase the three winning submissions as official menu items on its app and website.

4. //www.tiktok.com/@nike?lang=en“>Nike

Nike is expanding its presence on TikTok to reach a younger demographic, complementing its existing Snapchat strategy. Nike is collaborating with several TikTok content creators to develop an ongoing series of “episodic journeys” that are intended to serve as a part of the more significant “Play New” campaign. Two of the campaign’s featured athletes, basketball’s Sabrina Lonescu and sprinter Dina Asher-Smith will also be featured in TikTok spotlights to talk about their experiences and encourage girls and women to become involved in sports.

Successfully promoting your company on TikTok requires you to create a branded channel and play around with different forms of content. Although TikTok’s organic reach is substantial, its effectiveness is contingent on the video quality you share. Working with popular users of TikTok is a superior approach to solving this problem. They’re familiar with the medium and savvy with its tools, so their ads always look great.

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