April 19, 2024


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Hurdles You May Face in Availing Small Business Loans

Hurdles You May Face in Availing Small Business Loans

So few businesses, without any form of funding are ready to move on to the floor efficiently. It’s always tough to say which route is better for your company, with so many funding options open. Small company loans are also appealing since they are normally easy to receive. Company loans, though, come with uncertainties that can end up hurting you down the track.

Take notice of such hurdles associated with this form of funding if you are seeking a small business loan to fund your business.

Paperwork loads 

Vast quantities of documents would also be needed for typical small business loans from banks and other entrenched lenders. Your tax records, financial reports, legal papers, bank accounts, company plans, and even your personal credit background are also asked for by these lenders.

Asks for Credit Score 

Once you request a small business loan Singapore, your credit score will also surely be reviewed by the lenders. Usually, they can check at both your personal credit record and any company credit rating that is relevant. The banks would rely on personal background checks to approve the loan, as most small companies lack a proper credit history.

If you have trouble in the past regarding personal credit, you would definitely get an unfavorable interest rate, if you are even granted the credit at all.

Social Obligations

Sometimes, when looking for a small business loan, lenders will ask for personal guarantees or collateral. Usually, small firms lack the requisite funds to back up their debts. That’s why many owners of small enterprises wind up being financially responsible for any defaults.

For instance, you could be asked by the bank to position your house as security for the loan. This exaggerates the severity tenfold and also makes this investment technique particularly unattractive. Furthermore, your personal credit score could also take a knock if you have applied for a company credit card and fail to meet your payments on-time.

Time of Approval Process

Claiming a loan is just the first step. Next, before agreeing to either approve you the loan or not, the bank takes its precious time in evaluating your applications. Lenders sometimes return back with a bid so far off that there is no use in bargaining. You’ve just lost valuable time and resources if that’s the case.

You’ll have to wait for the money to be transferred if the lender accepts the applications, which could take up to 7 business days. It could wait as long as 60 days for funds to turn up in your accounts. Such delays all cost a business valuable time.


Do not even feel insecure because you still have a fair shot to apply for a business loan and resolve all these hurdles in one go. You’re curious how? Yeah, browse for Smart-Towkay, we can wipe out all the problems facing entrepreneurs on the market. In fact, we focus on making loan approval process as simple as possible to deliver you peace of mind. Instead of worrying about financial woes, apply for small business loans right away.

If you are applying for a small business loan in Singapore to any lender, we are here to help you to do proper finance planning while comparing all the important factors before taking a debt. Now, getting working capital loans for business is quite feasible with Smart-Towkay. 

Proper finance will definitely make any organization or ruin it. Small business loans are easily available to many business owners, so they are attractive. They come, nevertheless, with contingency plans that can do more damage than good for your business. Take these challenges into consideration first if you’re seeking a small business loan!

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