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15 Things You Can Do With BuzzSumo’s Content Ideas Generator

What are the benefits of using the Content Ideas Generator?

It’s quick

The Content Ideas Generator gives you the ability to outline a strategy in a matter of minutes, so you can spend less time deliberating, and more time perfecting ✨

It’s easy

The Content Ideas Generator is SUPER easy to use – just search a simple keyword and get back a ton of useful insights.

It’s timeless

Looking for trending ideas? Or maybe evergreen topics? The Content Ideas Generator gives you both – and everything in between. With data ranging from 24 hours to five years, you can tap into viral trends or timeless classics.

It teaches you the RIGHT way to “do” content

Its ease-of-use means the Ideas Generator is the perfect place to kickstart your content journey if you’re new to the platform – or even to content marketing!

The researchcreate, and distribute workflow will walk you through you the steps you need to take to ensure your content hits the mark every time 🎯 💪

It’s a one-stop-shop for content ideas

If you’re already a BuzzSumo fan, then the Content Ideas Generator helps you consolidate your favorite Discover tools and Content Analyzer insights, into one easy workflow. 

It gives you snappy insights, and helps you decide whether to dive deeper into the rest of the platform for more granular analysis. 

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