December 7, 2023


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How much can I earn on stocks and how to do it?

The first thing any potential trader wants to know is how much money can be made on AMZN stock price today as well as on shares of other companies. Indeed, few people go into trading simply to have fun or to help shape the market. Most people come to the exchange, after all, for a profit. 

Is trading on AMZN stock price target appropriate for a beginner?

Is it worth it for beginners at all to trade stocks and make money on AMZN stock price target? Among trading instruments, stocks are the classic and one of the most low-volatility ones. Volatility is an indicator that indicates the volatility of quotes on a security. 

For example, if the price of a security jumps a lot, it is called high volatility (futures, for example, are distinguished by it). Blue chip and second-tier stocks are relatively stable, with low volatility. This is a plus for a beginner — there is no need to react promptly to changes; you can study the market quietly and unhurriedly at a comfortable pace. With the same futures it will not work — there; speed of reaction is important; otherwise you can lose a lot of money.

The comparatively low risk also reduces how much you can earn on stocks a month, but do not take it negatively — it also reduces the potential loss. Volatile instruments can rise sharply in value, promising you large profits, but can fall just as sharply. Stock prices of major companies tend to move relatively gently, so you will have plenty of time to react. Beginners should buy stocks of the most liquid and largest companies. 

MSFT after hours stock prices: how much you can earn on stocks

It is impossible to predict exactly how much you will get when you invest a certain amount in MSFT after hours stock prices. Most newbies are disappointed with their first earnings, and the grief-coaches promising them golden mountains from the first weeks of work are partly guilty of it. Trading on the exchange market is hard work, not fast, and big money. The amount of profit will grow in proportion to your experience. Patience on the stock exchange is rewarded with good profits.

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What is profitability

It is more correct to talk about the proportion of your capital that comes back to you in the form of profits. This metric is called profitability. It shows how much interest you can earn on the MSFT stock price target and stocks of other companies. It is usually calculated per year, based on the amount of capital invested. This return is not guaranteed. 

A beginner trader’s yield can range from 5 to 10% per annum. It is a small, but quite achievable profit, which can be received at the exchange market after the training in trading. To receive such a profit, it is usually enough to spend on trading a few hours a day. When you gain experience and get a better feel for the market, your profitability will also increase. For experienced traders, it may consistently reach 30% or more per annum.

MSFT stock price target: what your profit depends on

Your profit from trading stocks is made up of three main components:

  • Capital invested. This is simple — the more money you have to trade, the more you can earn in the long run (all other things being equal). Don’t invest all of your available capital in stocks. That way you reduce the risk of losing a large amount from the first unsuccessful trades.
  • Developed strategy. A beginner can take a simple strategy suggested in the course and then refine it to suit his trading style. 
  • Experience. The longer you’ve been trading, the more efficiently you start earning. 

There are other factors that determine how much you can earn on stocks. They have less influence on the final sum, but they should be also considered. They include broker and exchange fees, psychological stability of the trader, choice of shares for trading, and many other things. To keep up to date, follow the news on Letizo news

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