July 14, 2024


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How to Make Your Social Media Posts Snap!

How to Make Your Social Media Posts Snap!

You’ve got a lot to say, but you know that attention spans on social media are *ahem* pretty short. In fact, if you don’t grab a viewer by the eyeballs in the first few seconds, you’ve lost them forever. So, how do you share your wealth of information with limited character counts and an even more limited attention span in mind? Here are our social media marketing team’s top tips.

#1 – Lead with a strong opener

We titled this post How to Make Your Social Media Posts Snap! not just because we’re a fun crowd to hang with, but also because the main message of the blog is summed up in the first 8 words you see. You take one look at that headline, and you know what we’re going to talk about and what you’re going to get out of it. Don’t be vague or bury the lede, don’t make your reader have to work out what you’re on about. Front and centre, ladies and gentlemen, is where you need to be.

#2 – Ask engaging questions

The internet, and social media in particular, is where opinions thrive. Asking you open-ended questions that encourage your followers to share them with you is a sure-fire way to increase engagement and get exposure. Now, it’s not about starting fires and triggering social media warfare, so stick to a focus around your brand. If you run a candle-selling business, ask them what scents they’d like to see next, not their opinion on Elon Musk latest tweet.

#3 – Be emotive

Social media is a more informal space, so bring some passion into your posts that helps people to connect on an emotional level. After all, you’re not selling a product – you’re selling a solution that makes their life easier, better, or more enjoyable. Even if it’s plumbing fixtures. Share an is this you situation where a dog’s destroyed their entire toilet paper supply, or a DIY job has ended with a stressed out mum dragging their toddler to the neighbour to use their toilet. Be funny, be human, be understanding – and you’ll be there for your customers.

#4 – Mix it up

There are so many different categories of social media marketing posts, so try them all! Create a mix of direct sales copy, jokes or memes, content about your company, personalised copy about your teams, videos, images, and more. It’s a space to have fun while creating connections with your audience and introducing them to new ways they can interact with your brand. Jump on the bandwagon with a viral fundraising challenge, have a dance-off with your teams, and showcase the features of your latest product. Entertaining, energetic, and authentic content wins every time.

#5 – Keep your social media voice consistent with your brand

Think of your brand as a personality – sometimes you’re fun and having laugh, sometimes you’re serious, but at the end of the day you’re always you. So, while you post a variety of content and different media, you want to have consistency in terms of your values and mission, aligning your voice with the personality of your brand. This creates authenticity and trust, as well as showing customers and viewers what really matters to your business.

Want to build brand awareness on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn? Our digital marketing team will help you position your brand, build an active and trust-based relationship with your customers, and create and manage all your social media content. Contact us today for expert social media marketing and branding strategies that make all the right connections.

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